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Genealogy, Hebenstreit, family tree, Streiteben
Feb 2008:
Uploading the Surnames, personal pages and images. Links will not work at this time, due to space limitations! (census and tombstone photo's which are linked mean I do have them!)
Although I've been adding more information to my database, I yet have many more to sort through and add.

Genealogy, Hebenstreit, family tree, Streiteben

I could always use donations to keep this site going (and get more space for the links)!

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Genealogy, Hebenstreit, family tree, Streiteben

Our Castle Guide

Sir Siegmund

Throughout this site, you will see 'Sir Siegmund' at the top of the page. He will open a new window for you with the listings for each major room to our castle, for you to navigate.
Castle Guide          Castle Guide

The Great Hall
Our Surname Page

The Court Yard of Streiteben

A must to wander about in!
This courtyard is like a labranyth.
On our site, we have a few inner Court Yards as well.
A main pedigree chart for those of the blood, and for a few who married into the family,
and some others for research of those who married into the family on the German side.
Scribe had convinced me to include another courtyard of 'trees' for research purposes.
Another for names entering into the Hebenstreit Family from 'Beberstedt' itself,
so there are a few families here!
Each 'pic' will tell which Surname by laying your cursor upon them.

Court Yard of Streiteben

Personal Chambers Picture Notations
These Pics you will find next to member names throughout the site.
When these pics are shown in the 'notes' section of the Personal Chambers, they are linked to a related room;
if the pic is not in the notes section, then I just haven't built that room yet!

     Family researcher/genealogist.
     Knights - men who served for country or king.
     Knight - men who died in the service of country or king.


     First Marriage
      Other Marriages

The Scriptorium

Our Scriptorium has many alcoves.
The main room of the Scriptorium will lead you about the alcoves.
We will have a section for News Clips, Biography Scrolls.

Below are a few alcoves of Our Scriptorium:

Biographical Scrolls    

News Clippings    

Shullsburg (Wisconsin) High School AlumniShullsburg Alumni

Chapel of AngelsTo the Chapel of Angels
From our Chapel you will find the children's crypt: still in process. The Children's Crypt is open to the public.

Cousin's George & Pat McDonald sent me a copy of 'Der Beberstedter Kirchenchor singtLieder zum Mitsingen oder zum Zuhoeren' in Summer of 2005, which they acquired on their most recent visit to the Fatherland. I have yet to convert the CD to a format suitable for visitors to listen to the music; which many of our family members from Beberstedt use to sing. (For those of us who have voices to sing, I do not).

Cryptorium (Cemeteries)Our Cryptorium
This is where you will find the listings by state and county for cemeteries in which our families are interred. The listing is open to the public, as well as the listing of names and only the years of birth or death. Photo's of an individual's stone is not open to the public.

You will find listings for persons not related to our families here; as often times I've had difficult time finding some stones. So, while meandering through cemeteries, I've taken photos of other persons interred there.
Some plots are open for public viewing: general layouts of family plots, monuments I thought interesting, damaged stones, poor upkeep or some oddity.

Cemetery Alert
The National Cemetery Protection Act Petition More on Saving Graves

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